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It's mid summer 2017, and after a longer than usual pause due to travel and daily chaos of daily life, here is a the latest edition of Sorry for the delay, but we have some treats in store for you with work from Mary de La Valette, a poet from across the border, in Canada.


We are still wondering: can poetry too be an act of resistance? We hope so. We'll find out. As the world careens downhill, there are no ivory towers left, maybe there never were any.


Like you, perhaps, we are looking beyond the next poem, the next book, the next beautiful sunset, toward what we hope will be a better world—that's a big order. But poets have a part to play, a job to do. And the words to do it.


While you are here, and while you are thinking about the future, we hope you will check out our electronic offerings, our eChapbooks, and eBroadsides, that you can find and download on the Chapbooks page.  We treasure these submissions from our regular contributors,


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Thanks. Stay in touch and be well—

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